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Lauren Francesconi

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Poster for artist Jim Campbell.

size 28×40 Kyle Van Noy Womens Jersey


Entry for The Chicago International Poster Biennial competition

size 25×36 Reto Berra Jersey


Poster for Visible City Amsterdam. This development is for sensing and mapping the city in real-time through mobile devices.

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The art of Anselm Kiefer has evolved over the last thirty years through a process of layering, interweaving, and re-working of themes, motifs and patterns that encircle and intersect one another across very different mediums; photographs, gouaches and watercolours, paintings, books, prints, and sculptures. The titles of Kiefer’s works, are remarkably diverse and inventive, which convey a strong sense that their meaning has been carefully considered, but the precise articulation of the meaning, and the nature of its connection with what we see, remain for the most part enigmatic. When designing a coffee table book for the artist, I decided to represent his work with the selection of different weights in type, using a monochromatic color palette, so this would not detract from the artwork itself. At the same time I wanted to allow the viewer to feel the emotional texture of Kiefer’s work.

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Puma endeavours not only to be the most desirable sports lifestyle brand, but to be the first truly virtual sports company. Puma fuses the creative influences from the world of sport, lifestyle and fashion, while staying true to their history and philosophy.I selected fashion, style, evolution and structure to represent the attitude of Puma in designing the capabilities brochure for their company. Displaying minimalism and the streamlined design that Puma conveys to the public were paramount in my presentation.

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In collaboration with Megan Feehan, this workshop was an exploration with Lust of the ‘area where the virtual and physical merge, where new things can happen.’ The site was the CIT building and its immediate surroundings of the city block. We were asked to research – to do, in Jeroen’s words, ‘a very-very-quick-scan’ of the area to determine a point of entry. Ideas ?would develop from analyses of the scan.

We started with the idea that there is a lot of hidden information inherent ?to a building’s functioning. For example, the wireless networks that exist in the building that pop in and out of use are different depending on where one is located. We collected the names of each wireless network from each of the four corners, on each of the 6 floors. We also were interested in the elevator’s usage – is an elevator always running, where are the gaps in use? ?Where does it travel over a certain period of time? How could it be recorded and visually displayed in real-time?

This animation is a collection of what would be projected on the face ?of the building. The purpose was to show various functions of the building such as the elevator usage, shadows reacting to the extruded materials that make up the facade, the wi-fi networks that exist in the building which pop in and out of use depending on where one is located, the weather, the window shade position based on location of the sun, a computer animation affected by the physicalness of the building, the human activity of each floor and discipline, and lastly exposing the structural framework of the building.

Besides being visually interesting. This hints at the inner life of the building—that it is a constantly changing thing. It is a solid material but also an interactive design.

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This project started in the Providence Public Library, where I was asked to explore the Special Collections Department. Fascinated with leading lines that filled up many pages of old typography books, these lines then led me to explore the atlases,which I carefully examined lines and letters to locate coordinates.

These posters are a representation of a flight taken from London’s ?Heathrow Airport to New York City (JFK). In between departure and arrival are the many flights taking place at the same time, each with their ?own destination.

poster size 20 x 72 Jordan Berry Jersey


A panel discussion at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that discussed and explored the influence of Scandinavian culture and aesthetics on the past, present and future of designers, artists and architects. Dak Prescott Womens Jersey


I used to walk by the Arcade building and what used to be the Providence Bank Building almost everyday for the two years I lived in Providence.

The empty space remains static, yet movement surrounds it constantly. ?How could this space be activated again? I was interested in showing how the short term alters the long term structures, and how time can be put back on to not only a once active space but on the streets by challenging scale. This project is an experimental projection of activating space.

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This is a reductive study of exterior light as it moves through interior space. The motion and speed of objects are reframed as subtle color shifts through time. Beginning in early morning, the light and temperature sits differently than as the day shifts to afternoon, and then to night as the room shifts to cooler shadows.

These changes seem imperceptible, but when seen collectively, they compose complete chapters for each segment of time during the day.

animation and poster

poster size: 37.5 x 65.8

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color matrix

Visible Language has been concerned with research and ideas that help define the unique role and properties of written language. A basic premise of the journal has been that writing/ reading form an autonomous system of language expression on its own terms. To this must be added research and ideas that help define the presentation of information within the digital arena. The shift from page to screen is comparable in its significance to the shift from manuscript to print. Developing the knowledge base and conventions for this new media will take time and challenge our ability to move beyond the book and into more fluid, relational and responsive systems of presentation. Mikhail Grigorenko Jersey


Parking garages are at the heart of every urban center. At the end of the day they show grit of the city, the oil spills, the tire tread marks, and the remnants of machine presence.

The parking structure I chose was abstract, slightly unfathomable, a bit dangerous, yet beautiful. It took up a large portion of the street and yet conspicuous in nothing so much as its emptiness and banality.

After surveying the building inside and out, I began to draw my own impression of the spaces. I then reverted back to the actual photographs and strip away some of the structural elements of the architecture to isolate areas and create new images.

each framed image is 25 x 25

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Using two cameras, one in front and one behind me, I walked through the city of Providence for two weeks, taking photos every 3 seconds. I charted my paths within the erratic streets and city layout, constantly shifting the lens of the landscape. Dalvin Cook Authentic Jersey


This book uses the text from E.B. White’s Here is New York, which is about the author’s journey through Manhattan. With the reader arm in arm White creates a small masterpiece of concision and sense of place.

I wandered around new york taking photographs of the places White wrote about, my pictorial and typographic stories co-mingle with the reader.

book size: 9 x 12 Duke Dawson Jersey


We can read and navigate cities in different ways: walking through them at street level, or seeing them in aerial view when we fly overhead, but we cannot see all the views at once. I began with drawing these structures from a bird’s eye view in search of letters and words created within the city grid. By stripping these buildings from their environment to show when left free standing, they read as letters, built next to each other due to their shapes

This is a formal survey of buildings in San Francisco where grid-iron plans meet. As if typography, these buildings complete the city grid this first animation shows these structures individually and in the order in which they located depending on their adjoining structure second animation shows them as a collection aimed at understanding one in term of the other, concentrating on their relationship when stripped away from the grid. third animation: my initial hope was to find that these buildings actually spelled something out when seen from above, but I had no such luck in San Francisco, so I made one last animation

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Video and poster series

This January when flying over New York City, for a brief moment when peering out of the airplane window, the city appeared holistic, yet I knew once I hit the ground, this narrow linear extent in space would not be experienced from that view again. There I was with my camera, I sought out a way to enumerate as many angles and views that I could. How could I possibly emulate these views and shearing layers of time while walking the streets? Beginning with taking photos, I then took these images and started to cut through them, zooming in on angles and depth and composing them in a cubist manner. These animations demonstrate the ever-changing urban geometries within a short time frame.

Final compositions were then made into large scale posters. size: 35.6 x 50.4

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