Jordan Evans Authentic Jersey | City in Search of Words

Lauren Francesconi

We can read and navigate cities in different ways: walking through them at street level, or seeing them in aerial view when we fly overhead, but we cannot see all the views at once. I began with drawing these structures from a bird’s eye view in search of letters and words created within the city grid. By stripping these buildings from their environment to show when left free standing, they read as letters, built next to each other due to their shapes

This is a formal survey of buildings in San Francisco where grid-iron plans meet. As if typography, these buildings complete the city grid this first animation shows these structures individually and in the order in which they located depending on their adjoining structure second animation shows them as a collection aimed at understanding one in term of the other, concentrating on their relationship when stripped away from the grid. third animation: my initial hope was to find that these buildings actually spelled something out when seen from above, but I had no such luck in San Francisco, so I made one last animation

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