Jordan Evans Authentic Jersey | Anselm Kiefer

Lauren Francesconi

The art of Anselm Kiefer has evolved over the last thirty years through a process of layering, interweaving, and re-working of themes, motifs and patterns that encircle and intersect one another across very different mediums; photographs, gouaches and watercolours, paintings, books, prints, and sculptures. The titles of Kiefer’s works, are remarkably diverse and inventive, which convey a strong sense that their meaning has been carefully considered, but the precise articulation of the meaning, and the nature of its connection with what we see, remain for the most part enigmatic. When designing a coffee table book for the artist, I decided to represent his work with the selection of different weights in type, using a monochromatic color palette, so this would not detract from the artwork itself. At the same time I wanted to allow the viewer to feel the emotional texture of Kiefer’s work.

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